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8 Health Benefits That a Visit to the Beach Provides

A trip to the beach is always an enjoyable time because it provides comfort and relaxation for anyone looking to escape a busy life. This is why tourists frequently visit these natural paradises while wealthy individuals live near a beach. Aside from escaping your typical routine, here’s how the strong breeze and the calm waves can improve your physical and mental well-being.

1. They relieve stress

You’ll feel calm the moment you set foot on the beautiful sand of the beach. The tranquil setting helps relax your body from everyday stress and produces more serotonin, which is a vital hormone for happiness. Likewise, the sound of crashing waves has a soothing effect, while sunlight helps you deal with anxiety.

2. They help you get better sleep

Those who have insomnia should visit the beach to deal with their condition. A person will experience a good night’s sleep after exploring the beach because it relieves physical fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and mental tension. Visiting the beach to deal with these concerns makes it easier to have a restful sleep.

3. They provide a healthy amount of Vitamin D

While Vitamin D is essential in the human diet, foods provide little of it. Fortunately for beach-goers, even ten minutes of bathing under the sun will give them their recommended daily dose of Vitamin D through their skin.

4. They help you fight infections

If an open wound feels painful, it is a sign that the antibacterial element of saltwater from the sea is cleaning the gash. Aside from dealing with internal infections, the Iodine that is found in the ocean water boosts your immune system because of its antiseptic function. It also improves the thyroid gland's influence on metabolism and the speed by which body cells work.

5. They provide a place for exercise

Whether for staying in shape or losing weight, the beach provides several avenues for staying active. Release your pent up energy and go swimming or surfing. Likewise, the shore is available for brisk walking, running, and even beach volleyball. Walking on sand forces you to use more of your leg muscles because you need to balance yourself on its uneven surface.

6. They reduce inflammation and pain

Those who have arthritis or joint pains will enjoy water aerobics because the water offers resistance without any impact. Submerging the body in water reduces a person’s weight by about ninety percent, making it easier to move and perform therapy exercises.

7. They make it easier to breathe

Inhaling deeply upon setting foot at the beach is the body’s automatic response to the better air quality that is present. Those who have COPD, asthma, or any pulmonary condition will find it easier to breathe when they visit the beach. Aside from providing relaxation to the chest muscles surrounding the lungs, the wind at the beach has negative ions that increase the lung’s ability to absorb oxygen.

8. They help you connect with your inner being

The vast ocean and the beauty of the surroundings helps a person connect with their spirit. The natural setting makes them appreciate nature, and the peaceful atmosphere helps release stress. Doing some meditation or yoga is perfect because the beach makes anyone feel connected with nature, and it offers a serene location for prayer.

Stay close to the beach

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67/238, Moo 5, Kukkak, Takua Pa

Phang Nga 82200 Thailand

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