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Environmental & Social Commitment

Being successful as an enterprise is of course the top-most priority of the Katathani Collection, its management and team.
However, all of our activities are based on the principles of sustainable development.

Katathani Collection believes that it is important to keep a balance between the economic growth and welfare of our community,
therefore ensuring that environmental practices and, social initiatives are implemented within the resort. We feel that the hospitality
and tourism industry is under pressure to become more environmentally friendly as a result of consumer demand.
In order to minimize the industry’s negative impacts on the ecosystem we have integrated sustainability principles on our core business strategy.

We are extremely proud of the commitment we have made to this bountiful planet, finding the importance
to make steady measured progress of our efforts to safeguard our environment through consistent water conservation,
energy efficiency, waste reduction and clear air practices. Our policy is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Water Management

The hotel industry drives considerable consumption of water and waste water caused by the occupation levels and maintenance in the hotel. To guarantee these impacts are kept to a minimum, the hotel has implemented ways to ensure water consumption is effectively monitored and managed. To reduce the negative impacts of the large amounts of waste water in the hotel we make sure that all grey water is treated and reused in our gardens.

Waste Management

Waste Separation

- It costs at least three times more to dump trash in landfills than it costs to reuse and recycle. Due to high consumer demands large hotels such as Katathani Collection tend to contribute substantially to generation of waste; consequently we manage it by separating all the paper, glass, metal and plastic.

Biological waste & composting

- We are able to consistently manufacture our very own all organic completely biodegradable mulch for use in the tropical garden areas leading to improved soil quality and appearance.

Energy Saving

All power, lighting and cooling throughout the facilities is governed by a functional Energy Management system. We use highly energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps designed to reduce energy costs moreover for regeneration of energy.

Chemical Management

Ko Green Products

- Katathani Collection of Resorts has an exclusive line of Ko Green Products, which are all natural, all-organic, and biodegradable, phosphorus free and nitrate free. Unlike many conventional cleaning agents these products are made without animal by-products, synthetic or chemical preservatives, this resulting in a natural cycle that does not harm the environment.

Some of our Ko Green products include:
  • Klean & Natural- A natural all purpose detergent.
  • Klean Lemon- washing up liquid made completely biodegradable ingredients.
  • Klean Green- septic treatment agent proven to digest waste.
  • Chemical Management

    Organic Garden

    - We strive to provide our guests with the best selection of organic offerings. We have a small garden for growing organic Thai herbs and vegetables, regularly used by guests when participating in our Thai cooking classes.

    Social Initiatives

    This initiative is dedicated to providing opportunities to local people to the Nang Thong community that would not otherwise be available to them. The local community is able to take advantage of jobs as transportation drivers, masseurs/masseuses and vendors along the beach with exclusive rights. Support is given to the local in the form of education on the environment and cultures, traditions in the form of activities.

    Wildlife Conservation

    Katathani Collection will not conduct business or organize activities that affect wildlife or local animals for sustainable tourism and the hotel will support the community or government organizations to take care of local wildlife conservation.

    We continue to challenge ourselves and constantly develop new objectives and goals on a regular basis in order to remain forefront on the modern environmental conservation effort.


    67/238, Moo 5, Kukkak, Takua Pa

    Phang Nga 82200 Thailand

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