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4 Questions to Settle First When Planning a Beach Wedding

There is just something inherently romantic about the ocean. You have waves crashing on the shore, and the soft breeze playing with palm trees. You also have the sun painting the sky in gorgeous colors. Because you have settled for a beach wedding, your ceremony will be away from the bustle of the city, away from the traffic and hassle of getting to and from a wedding venue. All of these factors make the beach a natural choice for couples who want to have a destination wedding.

Although beach weddings might have a laidback vibe and a bohemian aesthetic, planning them is a serious business. If you and your partner are considering having a beach wedding, here are four questions you must settle first as you lead up to the big day:

1. What is your budget for the wedding ?

It is easy to get swept up in the romance and the daydreaming for your ceremony. Everything looks lovely in a wedding presentation deck, and you might find yourself saying yes to an add-on you cannot afford. Before preparations begin, sit down with your partner and figure out how much you are planning to spend. Research your preferred venues, and make estimates of how a wedding would cost at each place. Even if you have a wedding planner, you should still be aware of how much each item costs. Your suppliers should be the ones to adjust to your figure and not the other way around, which is why you should determine your priorities.

2. Do you prefer location or experience ?

You will want a venue that is close to the sea but also a place that is experienced in handling weddings and big events. On the one hand, a gorgeous resort might lack the equipment and personnel to handle a destination wedding. For example, you might have chosen a seaside spot that looks good in pictures, only to discover that they cannot coordinate with your caterer or your lights and sounds supplier. On the other hand, you have to carefully screen your destination so that you are as close to the ocean as possible. Emphasizing this with your wedding planner might help. You might also choose to have an ocular visit beforehand.

3. Should you go secret shopping ?

Going for an ocular or being a secret shopper for your own wedding is one of the best ways to see if a place is fit for your plans. For example, The Waters Khao Lak is a modern resort with a contemporary aesthetic, which is why it is an excellent place to hold a wedding that has natural elements but is not very rustic. A secret visit will let you assess a place as it is during normal operations, which is probably how you would experience it on your wedding day. Going with your partner will help the two of you assess the place’s pros and cons. Plus, it is an excuse to have a small holiday before the wedding!

4. Are you shouldering accommodations ?

Because you are having a destination wedding, it is generally expected that you would shoulder either the transportation cost or the accommodations of your guests. If not, you will need to arrange the details with them. No matter how well-prepared you and the venue are for the ceremony, it’s a waste of time if nobody can come.


A destination wedding requires lots of planning. You have to think of your needs, your family and friends’ accommodations, and everything else that must be ready for the ceremony and reception. If you are set on having a beach wedding, make sure to have it at a resort that can handle your needs, fits with your wedding’s theme, and has spectacular ocean views. The Waters Khao Lak is a beach resort with over 3000 square meters of pool space, making it a dramatic backdrop for big events like weddings. Get in touch with us today to find out what more we can offer for your big day!


67/238, Moo 5, Kukkak, Takua Pa

Phang Nga 82200 Thailand

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