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How to Heal Quickly from a Sunburn on a Beach Trip

They say the best way to know your partner better is to travel with them. Traveling is almost always unpredictable. No matter how much you plan, there will come a time that something will ruin it—it may be the weather, the travel time, the transport availability, your health, and more. Having to deal with all these will make you understand how your partner reacts with sudden changes and challenges. These will help you see their ‘true color’ and how they deal with unexpected life problems.

Traveling with your partner may be challenging sometimes, but it will always be memorable. A great vacation is spending time with your partner doing what makes you two happy. Often, couples avoid doing things they think look weird but are actually not. That shouldn’t be the case, especially if it makes you happy. As long as you’re not harming anyone and no rules are broken, feel free to do what you want!

Take photos and selfies

There’s nothing wrong with capturing moments with your partner, and you can take as many photos as you want. You can ask other people to take pictures of you but only you can capture your genuine happiness together. Go take that couple-fie! Sometimes a remembrance of your special moment together can be the greatest take-home gift you can give yourselves.

Share your food

If you want to try every food you see, go for it. Couples also think that feeding each other in public might be annoying for some. Why let others limit your expression of love to your partner? Why let others potentially ruin a romantic vacation? Try to experience things the way you want it. If you want to share your food with your partner using your fork or spoon, feel free to do so. If you’ll just look closely, especially when you’re in a romantic setting, you’ll see that many others are doing it too.

Spend Time Inside

You don’t have to visit all the famous landmarks or sites of your chosen destination if you don’t want to. Only you know how to enjoy your limited time in a beautiful place together. After all, what makes any place memorable is the way you spend your time in it. A friendly tip: If you’re visiting Khao Lak, Thailand, make sure to book a romantic resort with a seaside view to maximize your time indoor.

Be Childlike

If you enjoy tickle fights or baby talk, don’t hesitate. According to a relationship psychologist, Dr. Antonia Hall, baby-talking is a sign of a healthy relationship. It signals closeness and recreates the first bonding experience you had in this world. So, let no judgments stop you from being sweet to your partner. Chase each other, play with the waves, share your ice cream, and build sandcastles. Create unforgettable memories together.


The best vacation for a couple is spending the day doing things that you both love. Your travel time together is the best time to improve your communication and to get to know each other better. To make your vacation even special, book somewhere romantic that offers a natural, beautiful view. Looking for a resort in Khao Lak? Book your stay at The Waters Khao Lak today.


67/238, Moo 5, Kukkak, Takua Pa

Phang Nga 82200 Thailand

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