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4 Ways Being at the Beach Can Improve Your Mental Health

The vastness of the ocean is truly one of the greatest sights to behold. Seeing the waves of blue colliding with the soft, brown sand underneath your feet, with the sounds of the ocean drowning out the ever-active noise of the metro—it makes for an image of relaxing quiet that could wash your worries away. Being on a beach for vacation is truly one of the best ways to combat the daily stress of the city and relax your mind for a change. Yet, spending it in the right place can really enhance the whole experience. While staying at home can afford you some respite, spending a few days on the beach can really help in clearing your head. Taking some time off for a mental health check every once in a while can help improve your quality of life in the long run. In this article, we will share with you four ways that being on the beach can help improve your mental health:

1. It helps you breathe

The simple act of being at a place far from your work lets you feel a bit more loose and relaxed, allowing you to breathe freely. Taking in the cool, clean, ocean breeze has been noted to help your body absorb oxygen better, which is one right step toward a healthier you.

2. It is a good guide for meditation

The sound of the sea, coupled with the calming and peaceful atmosphere of the beach sets a great setting for meditation. While the sea breeze helps you breathe in deeply, the ocean’s calm can put you into the mood to visualize. Clear your head and channel the water’s purity into your system, allowing it to wash away the negative feelings that you’ve been gathering in the past few months. Clean your mind and your mood by allowing the vastness of the sea to swallow you up—making you feel calm and renewed.

3. It helps you relax and rest

While the mood of the beach is already relaxing, the overwhelming calm of your surroundings actually helps you rest better. The amazing quiet felt by the change of pace and venue is the perfect key to enter a clearer state of mind. With all of the stress and issues of the city far away from you, you can get to sleep more soundly when the night falls.

4. It is a great way to be with yourself

The daily hustle and grind can sometimes cost you the time you could have used for yourself. Going on vacation to the beach can give you the much needed time for yourself that you’ve been neglecting all this while. The soft, warm sand underneath your toes and the rolling ocean beside you are all you need for company as you walk by the beach. You can use the time to introspect and review how you really feel about everything going on in your life. This much needed time within your mind can help you refocus and recenter, allowing for a clearer headspace and a better tomorrow.


These are merely a few of the ways that the beach can help with your mental health. Taking a break from work and going on vacation isn’t merely something for leisure because it also works for your overall health. Always remember to find some time to breathe and give yourself a rest every once in a while. If you’re looking for the perfect place to relax, The Waters Khao Lak by Katathani is one of the best resorts to go to! Contact us now and book for accommodation on your beach trip today!


67/238, Moo 5, Kukkak, Takua Pa

Phang Nga 82200 Thailand

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